The MUDD Show need your help to take their stream platform to the next level

In just over 18 months Berlin-based The MUDD Show has become one of the standout stream shows for the underground house and techno scene. Regularly beaming out the best sets from the likes of Markus Sommer, Quest, and Shampoo Douglas their regular home was the iconic moored boat-club the SS Hoppetosse. It is the latter group of artists that strikes a chord deep inside the makeup of The MUDD Show. Having played an integral part of The MUDD Show’s second-ever stream that took place at Fitzroy the collective has now come full circle.

For the next step in their journey, they will be returning to this special venue to stream every Sunday for the next 8 weeks. In order to do this and to take the platform to new and most definitely exciting heights, they need your help. The MUDD Show will be employing an ultra-transparent 3-phase campaign but none will be attainable if they don’t hit the first phase of funding. Their Kickstarter campaign will, first of all, require a collective investment of €9k. This will enable the crew to pay the venue fees, purchase an additional camera and lighting kit needed to set the scene.

Phase 2 will require an additional €5,000 funding and will enable the purchase of more kit and production PC. Phase 3 and a further €3,500 will mean an additional camera can be purchased as well as bolstering the lighting setup. While the full funding amount will run to €17,500 in total this will enable MUDD to produce bespoke multi-camera angle stream shows to an exceptionally high standard. This is all of course not without its rewards. In return for pledges, The MUDD Show will be furnishing the donors with digital music releases, tees, hoodies, totes, and stickers amongst other goodies.

I am sure you will agree that the streams from The MUDD Show are already pretty darn good, imagine what they could do with this injection of funds. All this will take is a little contribution from a lot of people. So far there has been a great response from the campaign and as previously stated, this is an all-or-nothing campaign, so dig deep.

To donate you can visit The MUDD Show Kickstarter page.

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