Animal Crossing partner with Manchester MIND to highlight the importance of mental health

Mental health has never been an easy topic of conversation but recent events have brought the issue to light in a variety of different ways via the tireless work of Manchester charity MIND. Since the current pandemic situation began a startling number of adults have experienced some form of depression and have noted that the number is over 2 in 5 adults (42.2%). It is important now more than ever to remain connected and vocal about any difficulties experienced.

As a result of these sobering statistics, Manchester collective Animal Crossing has partnered with fellow Manchester outfit MIND. Having been in operation for the last 30 years this hardworking organisation has helped to deliver support and improve understanding of the issues that a large number of individuals are currently experiencing.

As well as giving a voice to those that need it most, add support to the worthy work that MIND undertake Animal Crossing will be raising funds of MIND. First of all, this will take the form of AC producing tees that will surely feature the playful graphics that the collective has become known for. Secondly, in the absence of events AC will be hosting a stream event from The Loft (AC’s new club that has never been shown before) and the sounds will be provided by Michael James, Josh Baker and the AC crew. All proceeds from the stream and the tee sale will go directly to MIND.

The main takeaway from this project and the subject as a whole is that above all else it is ok to not be ok. There are countless people in similar situations across the country and around the world but this project importantly helps to get the message out that there is support readily available. As the lads say “Through the power of music and love we will get through this together”.

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause you can do so via the AC page.

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