Birmingham’s Lab11 and Stump London both launch crowdfunding projects to avoid closure

Announced mid-October, London’s nomadic minimal institution Stump was undertaking its own crowdfunding project to avoid closure. With the well-subscribed party enjoying some of the city’s most ambitious and forward-thinking events they have concluded the current pandemic situation is becoming a real threat to them being able to continue to meet the demands of their sizeable investments in their upcoming events.

Stump’s events are not a regular occurrence, but when they do pop up the results are widely regarded as some of the best in Europe, their annual February jaunt is a perfect example. Regularly featuring the crème de la crème of minimal and underground music the cost of planning such events that have taken place at venues such as FOLD, E1, Steelyard as well as 93 Feet East, The Lion and Lamb and The Cause, is at present unsurmountable. As such the visionary team behind these events are now reaching out to their avid supporters via their crowdfunding page where in return for the justified monetary support they will receive discount entry, merchandise, vinyl and have their names worked into Stump’s mind-boggling visuals at their next party.

As well as the money garnered from crowdfunding allowing Stump to continue pushing the envelope further the money will also go towards developing the brands new vinyl only record label, merchandise range, the next events and there is even talk of a festival being the next logical step up from their marathon parties. If you wish to lend a helping hand you can do so via their crowdfunding page.

Sadly, joining Stump will be Birmingham’s Lab11 venue, also home to some of the city’s finest events that like their London brothers welcome the likes of Raresh they too are struggling to make ends meet during these torrid times. Like many independent businesses operating in the nightlife sector the pandemic has hit these organisations hard and with little to no support from the UK Government it is required to take matters into their own hands to prevent permanent closure. Amidst the current situation as a result of an event that took place at Lab11 on Saturday, October 17th the venue has also been handed a £10,000 fine for “breaches of health and safety regulations”. This combined with the ever-rising running costs and staffing costs Lab11 has no other option but to appeal to the public for assistance.

Lab11’s crowdfunding page will be accepting donations in order to ease their running cost woes and moreover offer assistance in covering the recent fine and subsequent legal action being taken to fight this ruling. Having not qualified for the recent rounds of governmental funding Lab11 are significantly shorthanded given that all previous profit from the venue had been reinvested to ‘future proof’ the venue in many regards and of course with no income a crowdfunding project will act as the venues’ lifeline. In return for any money donated an attractive tiered package has been produced that will also include party tickets, merchandise and for the top donors a private event at Lab11 will be secured. To help in Lab11’s fight to prevent closure you can read their full story on their crowdfunding page.

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