A protest in aide of Denis Kaznacheev detainment is organized for this Sunday in Berlin

The recent detainment of Russian artist Denis Kaznacheev has been met with an outpouring of support from around the far reaches of the underground community and this support looks to be taking a step forward.

It is still not known exactly under what grounds he was detained but it looks like the accusation is alleged crimes related to cyber-criminal activities. This is clearly something that Denis vehemently denies and has professed his innocence since the very beginning, claiming he is a victim of stolen identity fraud. As a result, this talented artist has been landed in serious danger and from the various messages and comments from people that really know Denis it seems really impossible to imagine that he is even capable of such acts.

Denis is depicted by his friends and people in the industry as a person that has dedicated his life to music through his various labels, works, and performances: he is in fact Nervmusic co-founder and in the last 6 years he released music on Minibar, Mayak, AEternum Music, Rotate, abartik, DXL, Secret Society, Tooloop and many more imprints, as well as appeared on the most-in demand underground lineups. But as things stands now, his work and future life are both at risk.

While the donation campaign and plea for the electronic music community to show solidarity has been very successful, further action is to be taken by his family, friends, and supporters.

In order to directly shine a light on Denis’ desperate plight, a protest has been arranged for Sunday, June 14th which will take place outside the Moabit prison at 2pm. The protest is to raise awareness of Denis’ case, to allow bail to be set, and for the investigation and request of extradition to be carried out with Denis outside of jail. As of now, as Mixmag Russia reports, he is in solitary confinement with no opportunity to speak with anyone but the lawyer. Moreover, a case like this in Germany might last for months, which put a further stress on the importance of the request for bail. This movement is also aimed at adding support to fighting the extradition of innocent people in general too which poses a much wider question.

While we do not have any further information on the case other than what Denis’ artist management and lawyer have provided, we will always act and report on the presumption of innocence which is a basic legal right of the accused in a criminal trial, and it is an international human right under the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 11.

If you are planning to attend the protest on Sunday we encourage you to practice social distancing at all times and to also ensure you are adhering to safety measures.

To keep up to date with Denis’ plight you can join the FB group Justice for Denis. To help fund his case you can give what you can here and you can still sign the petition here.

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