Stop Thinking, Rokoko & UVAR bring a huge 2-day minimal feast to Budapest

Budapest based collectives Stop Thinking and Rokoko link up with Nu Zau & Sepp’s UVAR for a mammoth two day event.

Both crews have been central to growing the minimal movement in the Hungarian captial. Hosting events with the likes of Petre Inspirescu, Lizz and Mihai Pol, the two collectives have pushed the minimal and micro sounds across the city.

To celebrate this rare collaboration, the regal venue of Cinema Hall will welcome 11 guests to spin extended sets beneath the backdrop of Cotė‘s stunning visuals. The Romanian motion artist has become a staple to the country’s sultry, minimalist sounds.

Regularly mapping visuals at Sunwaves, and the annual audio-visual spectital at Casino Sinai, the serene, nature inspired content brings a luscious depth to the full sensory experience.

Powered by the immense VOID sound systems, this two day feast is a unique opportunity to witness the magic of stripped back club music in spectacular surroundings.

Every selector on the bill has been commited to their craft for many years. Sharing countless edits and unreleased music amongst themselves, the humble dedication within this corner of club music is an inspiring feat. You can be sure to expect mind blowing synchronicity and magic flowing between the beats of this splendid curation.

The decks will be graced over the two days by Arapu, Cap, Gescu, Herodot, Lumiuex, Mihigh, Nu Zau, Priku, Sepp, Vid, and Vincentiulian; as well as local residents Martin M, Flixon, Vayna and Liro warming up proceedings.

Learn more about Budapest’s vibrant music scene in our city guide with Polarize. Several record shops are dotted around the city, with a growing scene within the micro-house realms.

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