Budapest “All Inn”: a city guide from Polarize

    We are back with our unconventional city guide. This time, we are visiting Budapest with Polarize.

    Favourite Club: LÄRM

    Definitely the darkest club in Budapest with an intimate capacity of 250 people: LÄRM truly is an underground gem. 

    This is the place to push the limits of the Martin Audio soundsystem and it also doesn’t have a decibel cap policy, either and is somewhere you can really enjoy the performance of the world’s best up-and-coming DJs. Also, I’m glad this kind of club has a strong influence on the city’s nightlife, particularly in Budapest where there is a huge empty space when it comes to underground clubs.

    Visitors of LÄRM have had the chance to listen to Objekt, Call Super, Vladimir Ivkovic, Martyn, Dj Stingray, Avalon Emerson, Vakula, Courtesy, Skee Mask, Bambounou, Tolouse Low Trax, Palms Trax, Oskar Offermann and Pangaea just to name a few recent visitors. On the other hand, it is sad that these brilliant artists perform in such a small place for only a handful of people, but at least the atmosphere can remain intimate. 

    I’m lucky to hold my monthly club night here, called Pola Invites, where the concept is quite simple and I invite the people who influence my work. 

    Favourite Cafe: Vinyl & Wood
    Excellent coffee, sustainably recycled goodies and of course, quality electronic music. This is what you will find when you visit the Vinyl & Wood guys. They have great in-store sessions with talents like Molly, Afriqua, Olga Korol, Topper and so on. There is a lot more to tell about the group behind the shop, called Rokoko, who are also doing invite-only parties in Budapest these days. They are sensitively focused on the community which is really respectful and something we appreciate.

    If you don’t have the chance to attend the store in person, you can still join in by clicking on the live stream of the sessions directly from the store.  If you’re keen to listen to some great microhouse, don’t miss out on this peerless little spot in Budapest.

    Favourite Restaurant: Menza
    For me, Menza is like going home. My family lives in the countryside, so whenever I stay in Budapest Menza is almost like my mom’s cooking! They have a good selection on the menu, which you could eat again and again, but they still change it often, so sometimes you just sit there and wait for your Borsch soup. On top of the excellent service and great atmosphere, some members of the staff are very old friends of mine from Budapest nightlife.

    Favourite Restaurant #2: Gian Mario
    Fancy one of the best pizzas in town? This is the most Italian place in Hungary, I can safely say. They don’t have a large number of options but a daily menu provided with 5-8 fresh pasta/meats which will never leave you disappointed. 

    I’ve been coming here for more than 7 years and since then this place had hosted numerous business meetings, friends gatherings and plentiful dates with my girlfriend who is now my wife. 

    Favourite getaway spot: Margaret Island
    If you live in Budapest, Margaret Island is the most pleasant getaway spot from the noise of the citylife. Also, the rubberized running trackaround the island is the most popular track in the city, with a beautiful view of the Buda Hills and the river Danube. Also, a sunrise run here is mesmerizing and not crowded at all…

    Favourite city walk: Buda Castle
    Every time someone comes to Budapest for the first time, I take them to see the magic castle. Even the original Budapesters love to take a walk around the Buda Castle which also houses the Hungarian National Gallery. I chose this picture because it reflects the real fairy-tail frame of mind, what you get from visiting this masterpiece. One more thing I should mention here is that I’m planning on throwing a party there. It’s going to be spectacular! 

    Favourite clothing shop/record store: Akt
    A nice clothes shop and record store in the heart of Pest, which is owned by the veteran Hungarian DJ, Isu. If there is a Hungarian release around he is always very careful to have in stock.

    Definitely worth to stop by and dive deep in his large and diverse selection of sounds.

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