Premiere: B1 – Silat Beksi and Daniel Broesecke – Feedback [UVARLTD004] 

Today’s premiere levitates around a gripping and newsworthy UVAR creation and it is high time we listened again to another outtake of the label’s colourful creations. Silat Beksi doesn’t need much introduction because he became quite a name among producers in his branch. Coming from Ukraine, Anatoliy Antipin, the harmonious acrobat duo is completed by the other producer of the release, Daniel Broesecke, the owner of Vivus Records and a remarkable creator. He has been flirting with electronic music since 2006, in Germany, and lately, in 2013 when he decided to have his own releases for Baile Musik and Deep Tech Records.

Alongside the other three tracks, A1 ‘Ruptura’ from Maruntelu, ‘Expectations‘ on A2 from Lumieux, and on B2 Ted Amber turns in  ‘Liberta’. Feedback is the first track on the second side of the vinyl, resulting in a complete concoction of bright spark producers. If you haven’t heard about UVAR, you’ve definitely danced on their rhythms, whether it was a home audition or a festival.

Crisp murmurs are blending with the bouncy bass in ‘Feedback’, an invitation to movement that doesn’t ask for anything in return, in which, the iteration of patterns is almost-violently hitting the reverberations, avoiding to alter the track’s musicality. Despite the fact that the track has two producers, their catharsis mixed in an aural concept of wellness. In conclusion, Silat Beksi and Daniel Broesecke have a distinguishable sound that can be found in many DJ’s collections, whether is a bedroom audition or a club banger.

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Words by Sarah Okolisan