Premiere: B2 – VincentIulian – Urbanist [UVAR013]

VincentIulian record sleeve

And now a label so concentrated on the voice of music and the culture from which it represents. UVAR are back with another slice of Romania’s finest. Quality presides over quantity in this family, which has provided a steady trickle of releases over the years. All from artists synonymous with the Rominimal sound. VincentIulian ‎is the latest to take the reigns.

Vincent is no stranger to our pages, having most recently offered up a bouncy bit of groove on our trommelCARES Christmas charity compilation. The jazz enthusiast combines his passion for the genre with an avid exploration of the deeper sounds of electronic music. Much of this blend can be heard across ‘Trespass’ EP.

The record closes with ‘Urbanist’, the playful one of the bunch. It boasts a carefree key sequence that saunters along gently, yet not without purpose. Chopped vocal echoes in conversation with a purring synth, bending beneath sharp distant samples. A buoyant mood becomes all the more cheerful as pattering melodies take hold of the breakdown.

This one is crying out for some dance floor attention, its subtle energies ever present enough to warm the pot close to boiling point. In the meantime, ‘3-5-8’ on B1 brings with it the rolling drive for which the Romanian flavour is so revered.

The title track over on side A offers a delve into drier, darker sounds, a more mysterious piece. Franco Cinelli has been invited along for the remix, an artist well versed in the art of reinterpretation. The Argentinian administers an injection of groove and elegant melodies, portraying a lighter approach to that of the original.

UVAR013 is on sale now at and will soon be available at Juno.

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