Free Download: Ernesto Ferreyra & Franco Cinelli – When Anana Met Mango [TFD068]

Argentina has always been a hotbed of music styles and minimal has long been a favoured style of the growing number of artists taking their rightful place at the top of the scene. Two such artists that have more than earned their place in the upper echelons are Ernesto Ferreyra and Franco Cinelli. Ernesto’s early work alongside Guillaume Coutu Dumont as Chic Miniature provided a more house orientated slant on his minimal sound. His solo work is more underground and club focused with his own label Loosen Up providing a platform to present himself and others in this vision. 

Franco Cinelli is also a highly accomplished producer and his work has been published from an even earlier date. Since the early 00’s Franco has been releasing his own vision of house and techno with an altogether minimalistic view point. This well earned experience has resulted in him working with all the greats of our scene and has pushed him into the top bracket of artists. 

Having performed together on more than a few occasions, we are delighted to exclusively present to you the fruits of a joint studio session which has resulted in the behemoth track “When Anana Met Mango”. With an insane run time of just over 45 minutes, to some, this may be overkill. To those who truly understand music like this, the run time is inconsequential and the track can be enjoyed as a whole or in sections according to how it is played. One such person that perfectly understands this music is Gustavo Massone, who is the man that was tasked with mastering this gargantuan track.We won’t spoil the fun of discovering the many sides of this track for yourself. Enjoy the ride.

You can download the track free of charge below.

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