Alexis Cabrera uncovers a gem from Chic Miniature in his next tutorial

For the next edition of Why is this track a Bomb Alexis has got some rather special up his sleeve. It goes without saying that the track that he will be dissecting will be another stone wall classic minimal track but something a bit different is lined up this time around.

Previous editions have included Ricardo’s ‘808 The Bassqueen’ and Soul Capsule’s ‘Lady Science’ but what makes this edition stand head and shoulders above previous ones is that Alexis will be working with the actual session file of the track. The track in question is Chic Miniature’s ‘Escalando’ and at a time when deep house was rubbing up against early minimal house and the results were devastating.

For those that require it, Chic Miniature is a live duo that is made up of Ernesto Ferreyra and Guillaume Couto Dumonts. Having originally performed live and later recorded together their music released on a range of labels such as Raum…musik. Of course, it was  Crosstown Rebels where their super sweet ‘Escalando’ EP  found its home. We won’t go into too much detail but fans of their jazzy, deep techy sound this will be a real treat as Alexis peels back layer after layer of the original session. As always the accuracy of which Alexis picks out the notes, instruments and arrangement never fails to impress and this extended session is more like a masterclass than a look at a track.

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