Premiere: 2 – Jean Pierre – Magic City (Franco Cinelli Remix) [FP017]

Long running Argentinian label Family Partner thanks to founders Manu Desrets and LondonGround has been front and center in the South American scene. Thanks to works from the likes of Argenis Brito, Nacho Bolognani, Proudly People, Italobros, James Dexter and of course the original cast their label has flourished. For the 17th edition of Family Partner they have something rather special in store and as well as an original track from world tour specialist Jean Pierre they also have a standout reworking from none other than Franco Cinelli.

‘Magic City’ from Jean Pierre is all about the groove where the original pulls no punches and goes directly for the bass heavy kicks Franco Cinelli, as he always does, injects a little bit more dynamics in to his drum programming. The crisp undulating grooves are established nice and early and once they are they don’t tend to stray too much. Instead Franco weaves in and out of the mix a nicely detuned synth motif that offsets the bumpy bassline to a tee. The only respite coming around midway through the track where this slightly unsettling synth part is laid bare before the grooves re-join the mix.

Where Franco’s mix is a much more laid back affair than the original from Jean it is not without its many merits and the techier original version packs a whole lot of energy. The vocal clips that didn’t make it over to Franco’s version give a tidy contrast to the upfront sound palette and harks to the NYC warehouse sound of old. A great release given that both additions could be completely different tracks but there is just that slight sinew of familiarity that runs through both to tie them together.

FP017 is now available via Beatport.

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