Argentine label Musica Lunar drops massive 60 track VA

Argentine label Musica Lunar has been a home away from home for underground South American artists stationed around the world. From the fledgling producers to the most established heroes such as Alexis Cabrera, Ernesto Ferreyra, Barem, and Franco Cinelli. ML gives a serious voice to a young and thriving community and in the process, offers a serious arsenal of top tracks by way of their expansive VA’s.

Now on the third edition of their label showcases and they have a serious amount of new music. Loading up a massive 60 tracks that cover a huge amount of ground from the pitch-black opener from Agustina Barila, the squelchy break funk from Ahyvan, and the tech grooves of Del Fonda.

It would take all day to run down each track and give it its rightful space and as well as the tracks produced to an exceptionally high standard the South American flair runs strong through each and every track. With the high standard of music, there are still a few gems that stand out even amongst this company. Examples of this exceptional artistry can be found in Dellacueva’s cosmic breaks ‘Bovndl3ss Sunset Breakz’, Gus Arancibia’s funk-fuelled synth weapon ‘Acitc’ and Juan De Dios’ warehouse bomb ‘Volando El Sound Factory’.

Musica Lunar III is now available via Bandcamp.

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