Review: Barac – When We See One EP [UVAR010]

Since 2013, UVAR, the label ran by Nu Zau and Sepp, has steadily risen to become one of the most respected and consistently excellent labels in the scene. In for their second release of 2018, scene heavyweight Barac makes his UVAR debut with his ‘When We See One’ EP.

UVAR releases always tend to range in sounds and moods from track to track and Barac’s EP is no different. On the A side we have ‘Song Written For Reny’, a drum focused track that chugs along with heavy drums contrasted by light snares and eerily distant and inaudible e vocals. On the flip side is the far more engaging ‘Maintain Eye Contact’, a track with an outstanding amount of groove thanks to the range and order of percussion used. Even over the course of 14 minutes, the bassline continues to drive the track forward, whilst hypnotic vocals ring out in the background.

It doesn’t seem to be a coincidence that sides C and D have Romanian names and sound more like the productions of a Romanian than A and B do. C side ‘Cantarea Celor Trei Tineri’ seems perfectly suited to those long Club Guesthouse sets, a glitchy yet groovy track, Barac utilises a range of techniques to perfect this track. Simplicity is beauty in this case, a simplistic bassline works best as claps, clicks and drums give this one all danceability it needs.

Lastly, ‘Toponimul’ provides a far more chilled out track but one that would resonate well with a sun kissed crowd on Crazy Beach. The track isn’t trying to go anywhere in a hurry, Barac lays this one out with a catchy bassline that will be stuck in your head for hours after. While the bassline is the main selling point, the chords are equally as catchy and are well situated within the track along with the light drums and the odd heavy snare.

When We See One is available at Deejay, Juno or most likely your chosen record store.

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