Review: Nu Zau – La Rascruce LP

After the release of his Fortuit EP back in 2014, prolific Romanian producer has returned to his co-owned label UVAR with an LP full of some of Nu Zau’s best musical creations.

On this LP there’s no ‘saving the best until last’, the A side ‘Lolita’ is the epitome of what makes him a stand out producer. The bassline is driving and the pads are bouncy to give the track a sense of fun and danceability, whilst the distant vocals and the light synths also contribute a dreamy and emotive vibe.

B2 containing ‘Ma Gandesc La’ follows a similar structure. Four minutes in there’s a breakdown of the track, before introducing a basic drum pattern which then explodes into a groove filled with harder drums, synth pads and light strings. Guaranteed dancefloor cheers.

‘Let It Flow’ is perhaps the most intriguing track on the LP. Minimal’s association with electro and breakbeat seems to grow every year and Nu Zau does an excellent job combining electro and minimal on this track. It’s lighter than you’d expect from the genre of ‘electro’, but glitchy and broken sounds, as well as the forceful drive that is present in electro tracks are there throughout.

The expectations for the UVAR label owner seem to grow as every year passes, but La Rascruce is perhaps his best work yet. Some solid dancefloor cuts, ‘listen at home’ cuts and even an experimental electro track.

You can pick up your copy of La Rascruce at Juno and Deejay.

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