Review: Various Artists – WaxAtlast [ATLAS001]

Atlanta based imprint WaxAtlast launches with a slick four track V/A featuring Herck, Faster, Yaroslav Lenzyak and Toi.

Opening with a divine minimal excursion, Herck sets the pace with a patient groove. Eerie pads glide beneath a haunting cot of sounds. Hissing amidst a subtle bassline, delicate textures cushion the rhythm, accompanied by a tentative vocal buried low in the mix.

Faster picks up the pace with a tech house route. Skippy drums shimmer across golem like textures, maintaining a darker palate familiar with many of the Romanian roster.

Ukraine native Yaroslav Lenzyak crafts a jazzy spin of the minimal methods. Soft chords glisten beside an acoustic sounding bassline, familiar with the likes of Cabanne’s Minibar imprint.

Blissful chords shape a refined bassline in Toi’s expression. Playful melodies wash over a modest groove, gifting space to the euphonies within the track.

The composed character of this EP pilots an elegant listening. Elements find their home amongst a bed of intricate melodies, deep within a tranquil mix down.

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