Relive ABC Collective streaming live from Sunrise HUB

Romania’s Sunrise crew of artists have been making the most out of their custom-made creative space. The weekly stream events have seen performances from the collective and their close family of artists. What has always set them apart from other streams is their otherworldly use of 3-d visuals.

With this in mind Sunrise HUB recently played host to another Romanian collective ABC / Always Bring Cash. Taking us down the rabbit is Bread&Butter​ and Somesan who offered up tripped out journey into their own dark stripped back sound with a near 100% own productions set. Flanked by ABC’s trademark Void soundsystem the duo set about weaving and working the frequencies in their favour.

In the second half of the stream the pairing of Herck​ and Timirash take over and with it the vibe increases. Senpai Stuff has done a great job of taking care of the visuals and as always layers and intertwines the real world with a twisted version. It’s hard to tell if the scene is deep underwater or just above ground level thanks to the swaying roots that threaten to envelope the Void stacks.

As well as the mind-bending visuals on show the inventive use of scale adds an impressive sense of depth and the four artists could quite easily be performing from a festival stage. If you want our advice grab a pair of headphones and enjoy the ride that this and every extended session from ABC provides…

You can relive the session here.

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