Premiere: B1 – Ix3M – Missdream (Herck Remix) [1RO001]

Herck is back in fine form on remix duties for the first release of new label

Curating a diverse and well seasoned collection of producers, the first release of combines a number of tracks that have been heavy tested on dancefloors within the minimal community. The collective calls on workhorse producers Ix3M and Ghertz for two original cuts which both receive remixes from Herck and Minube.

Ix3M is an intriguing character within the stripped-back realms of dance music. Dotted between the cultural hubs of Bucharest, Barcelona and Moscow, the talented producer absorbs the culture of these global melting pots and harnesses the inspiration into a bottomless catalogue of cryptic, enticing club music.

His works circulate heavily around the close knit community of the scene’s selectors, promoting a consistent stream of intelligent music on his Soundcloud page, as well as playing on line-ups alongside the likes of Mihigh and Direkt around Europe.

Stepping up for the remix is the ever present force of Herck. His work is no stranger to the Trommel channels, championing his deep, probing sound for Russian imprint Simple Things and Ghent label MUZI cartel, as well as his DJing ability in his extended podcast.

Herck’s dedication to sound design can be heard in each of his productions, delving into the smallest of details and layering microscopic elements within the groove to create a deftly hypnotic aesthetic.

Acoustic percussions take notable positioning in the premiered remix, working sleek wooden-like clicks and pops with a mean snare drum tying the groove together. The mood meanders down a fairly pensive yet buoyant avenue, driving energy into the mix with a spiralling bassline that feels as if it could loop forever without growing sour.

It’s fair to say that the ethereal vibe of this music holds strong potential for mind-altering states on the dancefloor. The conversation between sounds creates a vast soundscape, working otherworldly chords into a sea of dissonant bliss whilst the groove ticks over like a subtle grandfather clock.

You can picture the discreet elements joining forces with another track layered into the mix deep into an extended session at the likes of Club Guesthouse where this sound is given great attention. Trippy vocal work eventually seeps into the mix, adding a layer of intrigue to the laid back groove without clouding the existing elements.

Ix3M’s original cut treads a similar head-plucking path. Dubby rhythms build a foundation for a textural blanket wrapping the track with warmth. Delicate hats and claps slip gently from the mix with a satisfying charm, patiently evolving over a considered, long-form composition.

Ghertz brings a unique flair in his contribution ‘Granular Thinking’. Exploring a more break-beat influenced groove, mesmeric vocal samples trickle between a menacing beat and feathery hats gasping to be heard through a crisp sound system.

Minube concludes the EP with another remix saluting the level of details that this corner of dance music’s producers pour into every track. Micro elements slip between the groove which creates a memorable and enticing energy, whilst keeping two eyes on the dance floor with an addictive groove and bounce that would have no trouble keeping the party flowing.

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