London event planner Warm Lab unveils its upcoming plans

London-based promoter Warm Lab unveils their future plans which include the fourth Bandcamp release of their label AFÀN.

In the near past and before lockdown, the collective has hosted a number of showcases in the UK inviting many Romanian and international artists to intimate venues around the capital. In particular, one of the last just before the lockdown was TRIPL3ONE Edition in January 2020 and saw Mihigh as headliner during a mammoth 25-hour event between StarLane Pizza Bar and Shoreditch Platform. This was followed by the Warm Lab x UVAR showcase inside The Cause cage for Syzygy on 28th February 2020 with Cosmjn & Lizz, Alex Font, and Nils Weimann plus the after in collaboration with Nils’ imprint Subtil which featured Olivian Nour as a secret guest.

For the post-lockdown plans, the collective decided to give priority to their residents’ roster after more than one year without partying and they have organised a 24-hour showcase on Saturday, 31st July at their most frequent home of StarLane Pizza Bar. Herck, RQZ, and Alex Font all feature, alongside Isam Mellagui, LSSN2, Jota, and a special local guest joining for the well overdue session.

The intimate venue hosts a pristine sound system, with acoustic treatment around the space, perfect for the sultry sounds of Warm Lab. A sound that can be summarised as a blend between the darker side of minimal, experimental, and micro house, and is perfectly encapsulated by the sub-brand AFÀN. And we have a treat for you, as we are premiering one track from the upcoming release.

Early outputs have been sculpting an aesthetic within the deeper, experimental shades of micro house. Resident DJ and producer N&O has been at the heart of the curation, shaping a number of dubby, long-form pieces, alongside remixes from the likes of Herck and Gabriel Amaru.

The AFÀN sub-label plans to present 10 digital releases, before delving into the vinyl market with their Warm Lab series, all using Alex Font mastering and mixing services. Sounds of the collective can also be heard in their extensive Warmcast mix series, with extended blends from the likes of Alex Font, Dragutesku, and many more throughout the 46 episodes.

‘Twin Towers’ delves deep into the squelchy, tripped-out realms in the featured premiere. Club Midi and Mioritmic resident RQZ steps up with a stunning remix. Sounds evolve with a cryptic sense of urgency, morphing otherworldly frequencies that would slot comfortably alongside much of Mihigh’s work within the psychedelic plains.

A subtle sub-bass rolls cutely over short, poppy percussion creating a satisfyingly lucid dynamic, shuffling hats over drawn-out textures, whilst remaining crisp and clinical in the finish. Hats cut through the mix with a lush, zesty sleaze, slotting between short claps forming an addictive microgroove.

Sounds are layered patiently, with only the one brief breakdown, fizzing the occasional dissonant piano into the mix, caressed by lush chords and elegant vocal blips. RQZ has hit the sweet spot within nonintrusive, trance-inducing minimal that would go down swimmingly on the after-hour dance floor.

Warm Lab plans to resume proceedings on Saturday, July 31st with their RESURFACE event. Buy the release at the label’s Bandcamp, and check out the upcoming event here.

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