Premiere: B2 – Sound Process & Franco Strato – A1 (Herck Remix) [MUZI003]

Having already delivered 2 outstanding VA’s that included tracks from Dubfluss, 2Vilas, Bryz, and Viktor Udvari Ghent label MUZI cartel are back with their first release of 2020. Argentinian artists Sound Process and Franco Strato combine on this 12” with 2 joint original cuts on side A while Sound Process delivers a solo effort and Romanian artist Herck reruns ‘A1’ over on side B. It is the Romanian artists’ groove masterclass that we have chosen to present in full and lay bare.

Where the original version of ‘A1’ offers a straight-up minimal house beat on B2 Herck delves into the depths of his modular library and melds some rather gnarly distorted effects together with his trademark gritty grooves. His sparing use of the original vocal source material is a great interjection alongside the finely reduced drum programming that we have become accustomed to with Herck. The off-kilter bleeps, skipping snare hits and neat drum timing that seem to effortlessly slide in and out of the groove give ‘A1’ perfectly alternative feel to that of the original.

The heavier hitting original version on A1 offers the full view of the fully intended version of the sensual female vocal and produces a much more upfront track altogether. The second of the two original cuts from Sound Process and Franco Strato again makes great use of the fleeting vocals but this time utilises retro stabs and delayed pads to inject more energy.

Flipping back over B1 track ‘Today’s Vibe’ the taught drum programming remains but a much more musical element enters with some forlorn but equally stunning piano sections that stamp Sound Process’ identity all over this side of the record. Matching the tracks that have come before it nicely but edging down a deeper tech house route this 3rd release from MUZI cartel shows that they have their ear to the ground of many sounds that fall within the minimal house remit and are not afraid to touch on them in a single release.

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