Premiere: B1 – Yaroslav Lenzyak – Mayday [NZR004] 

Prolific Italian imprint Na Zrak Records has amounted a very sizeable back catalogue that includes works from some seriously talented artists. This stable of producers includes names such as Dragutesku, Herck, BRYZ, Octave, Deen Haas, and of course label head Djosh. It is this inexhaustible well of talent that Na Zrak has tapped for their digital releases and now their vinyl-only releases are gathering pace too.

Joining the family is another talent in the form of Ukrainian Yaroslav Lenzyak and he has an impressive back discography of his own. Yaroslav’s highlights are many but amongst them feature outings on Sleep Is Commercial, Body Parts Records Mind Series and Pheek’s Archipel label. We have Lenzyak’s ‘Moments’ EP locked and loaded and his minimal bomb ‘Mayday’ gets the full-length treatment.

Switching over to side B ‘Mayday’ swaggers straight away with crunchy drums that wiggle their way around the flanging percolated rhythms. The processed and chopped vocal takes pride of place here with the detuned bassline more than taking care of the lower frequencies. The micro-grooves give way to a lush pad sequence only momentarily before the bassline comes bumping back in again.

Completing side B on a much deeper tip is the sublime ‘Agharti’. Definitely one for those sunset or equally sundown moments. Blooming string pads weave their way through a myriad of emotions before fully opening the flood gates.

Returning back to side A and release opener sees Lenzyak in a very detuned mood with ‘Besedki’ and beats skip and slide out of time with the greatest of ease. There is still the subtly emotive elements that edge into all of the Ukranian’s work but it is well hidden. Completing side A and our time with this release is the massively contrasting ‘Ninety-Nine’ and this is probably the ‘housiest’ track on the record and the trumpet stabs definitely tip a cap to the upbeat house jams of the late ‘90s.

The ‘Moments’ EP from Yaroslav Lenzyak is now available from

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