Premiere: A2 – Lenzyak – Flicker [DISCARDED-107]

Remembering the minimalistic (I would say, sometimes even uberminimalistic) sound of Yaroslav Lenzyak, I was kinda surprised to see him landing on Discarded Gems, the label with a slightly different type of music. After a quick check on the previews, I can say that his sound changed and I definitely like it. That’s always a good sign.

Our today’s piece called “Flicker” is a dreamy, breaksy cut. With some nice acid elements inside it. During the first part it will take you for a nice and slow ride, then the break will do its damage. Definitely the most energetic part of any track that came from him.

That was the A2, on the A1 we have the starter, called “Yupi”. Some 4/4, progressive and at the same time dreamy piece, that could be presented as an intro to your most energetic part of the set. The B-side is starting with “Trippy Land” – another piece of gentle acid breaks with some vocal cuts that are presenting us some sort of euphoria, but not too much, you know. And the last one on the record is “Sirius” – a very hard banging, straight stomper, that hides its every weapon in its background.

Nice shift, Yaroslav. While expecting some new material from him in that way, you can go to Juno, Deejay, Small Black Dots or some other record store and grab this beauty. The release date is in a few days only!

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