Premiere: A1 – Yaroslav Lenzyak – Yo Uma [BPMS012]

Moscow based label Body Parts Mind Series continues their ever growing collection with release number twelve, their second of the year. The limited, vinyl only imprint comes from the Body Parts Records’ series of labels, aka BPrecs and BP Mind Series in particular keeps delivering the goods year on year.

This time, Ukrainian Yaroslav Lenzyak has been invited to inject some of his own, an artist not afraid to experiment and push the boundaries with electronic sounds. That is exactly what he has done with his Island Of Being EP, a selection of tracks catering for different moments both on and off the dancefloor, be it peak time in the club, or mesmerising your mates at the afters back home.

The record is introduced with Yo Uma. The layers in this track reinforce like an onion peeling in reverse. A simple electronic synth melody takes precedent, before a deep and thumping bassline injects a powerful kick and an unusual rhythm that instils the desire to be a bit silly bopping around on the dancefloor.


Harsher electro sounds gradually litter the space in the track until there’s many different noises happening at the same time and it’s quite difficult to focus on any one aspect. This barrage of sound only adds to the mischievousness of the track. Warmer, higher synths do drift in dreamily throughout, adding a delicate, atmospheric ambience that steals the emphasis for a while, a floating release for those on the dancefloor.

It truly is an interesting one and one that will keep on giving the more it is played or heard, as you continue to uncover the sounds that make it. Different and fresh, with this one Yaroslav Lenzyak continues to push the boundaries in modern electronic music.

Pre-order Island Of Being EP at Yoyaku

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