Premiere: B1 – Thierry Tomas – Cafe Society (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) [ARR043]

Thierry Tomas steps up for the next release of the prolific Artreform label, featuring a delightful remix from the master of groove Mihai Popoviciu.

The Ukrainian label ran by Joss is an undeniable force within the house and minimal realms. As well as being the home to many of his own productions exploring serene, jazz-infused jams, Artreform has welcomed a multitude of innovative artists to contribute to the label, including the likes of Priku, Sapurra and Luminér.

Jazz enthusiast Thierry Tomas brings his unique flair to the label’s 43rd output. Bringing three unique cuts to the vinyl, his infectious energy explores a number of emotions each tinged with a sleek, jazzy flavour. The variety packed in each track from ‘Cafe Society”s lively, peak-time energy opening the record, to the delicacy of ‘Dh1’ caters for a variety of occasions during a set.

Romanian stalwart Mihai Popoviciui takes aim at the title track in this premiere. Injecting the track with a gleeful presence, percussion takes a more subtle position in the mix, allowing for blissful chord pads to sing above a nimble bassline ready to bring a sound system to life.

The prolific artist has grown into one of the scene’s most respected and reliable producers. His work has been circulating across Europe and beyond since the early 2000’s, releasing with a plethora of influential labels including International Deejay Gigolo Records, Poker Flat Recordings, and the infamous Wiggle Records.

Honouring the power of simplicity, his tracks allow for the fundamentals of the house music genre to play to their strengths. His ear for seeking out moreish loops, pops and textures come together in an effortless flow, gently unfolding over one another whilst maintaining a steady energy that is sure to keep the dance floor moving.

His experience both in the studio and behind the booth is apparent in his productions, playing with tension and release with a mature charm, allowing elements to grow with momentum without flooding the track with too many elements.

Crisp hats generate a neat bounce in the groove, slipping a sharp clap and the occasional sprinkle of percussion into the loop to great effect. Thierry Tomas explores a more pensive and introspective mood in his conclusive track ‘Spooky’. Whilst maintaining a steep aim at the dance floor with lively percussions and a sleazy bassline, energies explore more abstract and techno-leaning themes to conclude this versatile record.

Bringing artists together for this EP during these turbulent times is a refreshing reminder of the power of music and its ability to bring people together regardless of location, culture and background.

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