Premiere: C1 – Funky Trip – Magic Woman [ARR048-2]

After the first part of the “Magic Woman” EP from Romanian artist Funky Trip which featured remixes of progressive heater “88’ from Barac and Petit Batou, Artreform returns for part 2 of the series. This time around the release features original works by the in focus artist Funky Trip and two accompanying remixes from Iorgu and Lukea.

Treading a similar path to part one, lead track “Magic Woman” holds a cooly pensive air with muted bass tones and a progressive synth arrangements providing the sultry backdrop to the EP. The fluted synths and airy atmospheres give a mysterious tint to “Magic Woman” that is left to wander, while the remix by Iorgu veers in a slightly more reduced direction. While maintaining the laid back vibe of the original, the reworking features more low end action in the form of a fuller bassline, firmer drums, and additional synth parts.

BEaring in mind there has already been a previous disc to this release we flip over to side D where we find the equally hypnotic “Les Voix”, featuring the breathy vocals of Mia Zedan, the electronics are purposely stripped back to reveal the finely constructed percussive elements that drive this track forwards. Again, the use of forlorn key arrangements give a certain quality to the track that it is quite obviously why Barac has been so complimentary of this EP in his sets of late. Lukea looks to smooth this track out even further with the repeating bells becoming less prevalent and extending out the breakdown so as to allow it to really bleed into the tracks that are surely mixed around it.

ARR048-2 from Funky Trip on Artreform is now on pre-sale at now.

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