Premiere: B1 – JOSS – Molecular [ARR045]

Edging ever closer to the impressive milestone 50th release, label head JOSS steps in to show his bulging stable of artists how it’s done. Having presented some outstanding releases of late from the likes of Thierry Tomas, Alex Pervukhin, Sapurra, and the stunning “Midnight Tales” EP from Roy Brizman and Guy we now turn our attention to the 45th edition. Not wishing to take all the limelight JOSS shares the record with Magnus Asberg with a split EP with each artist remixing the others track.

We first of all take aim at JOSS’ original track “Molecular” and the Ukrainian veteran artist clearly has bigger dancefloors in mind with this bomb. Synth stabs take the direction skyward while the tight grooves, loops percussion and a bubbling bassline force the sound back down onto the ground. The subtle layers that creep into JOSS’ productions really set him apart from his peers as the full spectrum of sound is covered and nicely expanded. Asberg reduces these ideas to their core elements but what he takes out he adds in snappy drums and some excellent sound FX and percussion.

Circling back to side A and Magnus Asberg delivers his original in the shape of “Me To” which presents a larger than live acid bassline as its main component that tweaks and shifts in shape and size as the track develops. Choosing to leave plenty room for this beastly bassline to do the damage the drums benefit hugely from the space and hit hard with each passing bar. JOSS opts to tread a similar path to that of his own original with wandering synths and airy synth pads. With JOSS regularly being called upon to take care of business at some of Ukraine’s biggest events he straddles the divide between house, techno and minimal nicely.

ARR045 from JOSS and Magnus Asberg is now available to order via Juno,, and

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