Premiere: A1 – JOSS – Significant [RR006]

Ukrainian artist JOSS returns with a new EP, this time in a split with Romana Records boss Magnus Asberg, each offering remixes of their original tracks.

The record opens up on JOSS’s track, ‘Significant’,  built upon a deep house-laden groove, light percussion, and precise synths. The track is adorned with bright accents with stabs, a groovy bass line, and some catchy synth phrases. As the producer’s original work leans toward the trippy and spaced-out sounds, it conveys a distinctive blissed-out sentiment that develops throughout the entire track, underlined by the devastatingly emotional breakdown in the middle part.

Magnus Asberg brought his touch to the original piece, a remix that display a perfect synergy and interplay on the vinyl. “I am gratified by the sonic accuracy and minimalistic sound on this EP and pleased by how well our works complement each other,” says JOSS. The collaboration started after he listened Magnus’ work on ‘Pulsar’, B2 of the EP. “It got me pumped up and excited by his work, and as a result, I aspired to produce my version of this piece,” he adds. “As Magnus Asberg loves minimal sounds, I decided to pass the core idea behind ‘Pulsar’ through the prism of my unique take on the track’s arrangement and sonic sensibilities.”

Romana Records releases vinyl-only records, so hurry up to grab your copy from before it’s too late!

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