Premiere: A2 – JOSS – I Want You To Give It A Listen [ARR039]


Joss returns to Artreform Records for the label’s 39th release.

The Kiev-based outlet released the recently premiered 38th output from Italian duo Luminér earlier this month, marking their third record already this year.

Prolific producer and label founder Joss contributes his eighth solo EP to the project, after providing the inaugural release back in 2012, as well as a number of collaborative outputs throughout the 39-part series.

An admirable consistency runs throughout the catalogue, exploring a swung, emotive tech-house sound often heard at the beloved Closer club and pioneered by much of the Ukrainian roster in iO (Mulen) and Outstrip.

Joss shapes four soulful cuts bridging the gap between house and techno in ARR039. The premiered ‘I Want You To Give It A Listen’ boasts a punchy bassline held by skippy snares carrying an airy character, sitting comfortably beneath rich textural work in the high end.

Numerous short melodies weave between one another creating a conversation, call and response-like unison, glued together by long reverbs and a warm, inoffensive chord sequence washing over various sections.

‘MMXX Makes Us Better’ makes use of a slick 909 pattern, garnishing a driving bassline with swung hats and rides controlling tension with great effect. The B-side shapes two floor-ready moods, slotting colourful stabs between a subtle, low-slung bass in ‘Infinity’ and upping the swing in ‘The Planet Which We Like”s jazzy workout.

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