Premiere: A1 – Luminér – Down Sweep [ARR038]

ARR038 vinyl artwork

Italian duo Luminér return to Joss’ long running Artreform Records, shaping the label’s 38th release after a near five year hiatus since their well received Orbita back in 2015.

Andrea Martello and Giulio Spagnuolo’s work as Luminér dates back officially to 2014, working with a variety of vinyl labels across Europe. The pair have formed an identity within the realms of emotionally charged yet understated rhythms, finding a place somewhere between house and techno.

A prolific stream of releases with the likes of Body Parts and Volupso, paired with a number of unreleased edits has brought their work to fruition in recent years, gaining support from the likes of Barac and Gescu, among others.

The premiered ‘Down Sweep’ takes a deep excursion into dub territories. A lightly swung, acoustic percussion palate brings a sense of sonic stability to the track, darting between a mean low-slung bassline ready to rock a club system.

Alternating between two short notes, the bold simplicity of the sub bass dominates the track without becoming intrusive to a batch of glimmering melodies in the depths. Twisted vocal textures bring subtle movement to the high end, introducing two short breakdowns and forming melodies with brief blips shifting in unison with percussion.

Two further cuts from the duo and a remix from Ukraine’s previous Trommel podcaster Silat Beksi work within similar stripped back routes. Meandering through mood setting club cuts accommodating buoyant basslines working with fizzing hi-hats, this four track EP is destined for a spot in many selectors’ record bags.

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