Premiere: A1 – Sapurra – Feeling+ [ARR040]

Joining the roster for the 40th release is Russian artist Sapurra and has previously featured on Steve Bug’s Pokerflat and Pro-tez Records. Ukrainian label Artreform welcomes Sapurra and his slinky 3-track EP perfectly punctuates the label with the 40th edition. Already an integral part of Ukraine’s house and techno scene they have many top vinyl releases to their name and ARR040 promises to propel the label even further.

A1 and title track ‘Feeling+’ starts out rather muted but as each second of the extended near 11-minute run time passes more and more layers of emotion are laid on top of each other. Synth bass tones filter in and out of view while the kick / tom combo keep the groove ticking along. The paddy atmosphere and rattling hi hats offer a subtle contrast that allows the shimmering synths to shine through. As if strong morning sunshine is beaming through a dirty window ‘Feeling+’ hits a thoroughly satisfying balance between grit and emotion.

Being able to extract even the smallest shard of light from the gloomiest of elements. This is a theme that is continued throughout but the main point is that regardless of how much the light is dimmed it is still there.

Flipping over and Franco Cinelli is put in charge of reworking ‘Feeling+’. Through his undoubted pedigree and Argentinian flair Cinelli weaves in an almost acidic synth into the original thick emotive atmosphere. Completing the impressive release is ‘Acid Exercize’ and it is just that. Wiggling throughout the length of the track is a flexing 303 synth that does just enough not to overpower the track too much. Again, there is just enough light contained in the meaner sections to enable the supportive plays it demands.

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