Premiere: 1 – Dandy Jack & Ramona Yacef – Labambola [LR003]

Ramona Yacef, an Italian artist who is now based in Paris has since the first release on her own Lescale Recordings looked to instill her endless musical influences into her label output. This is something that she also looks to incorporate into her other work such as her inclusion on last year’s AKTA Records VA.

For her second VA, she has collected together a group of artists that share these common goals and the result is 4 uniquely ranging tracks form the minds of Fe_De from Argentina & GREGO G (Concrete, Crazyjack, Giving), Luminér from Italy (We Play The Music We Love, Body Parts) and Thomas Andrew from France (Very Boat Trip, La Vie En Rose) and lastly but definitely not leastly is Ramona’s collaboration with Perlon legend and RUTA5 boss Dandy Jack.

Leading out this digital release is the first track on the EP which also happens to be Ramona’s joint effort with Dandy Jack – ‘Labambola‘. Rolling with a bleepy synth motif and an insistent rolling kick bassline combo that is soon added to with a synth pad that looks to take the track in a different direction altogether.

The bleepy synths detune even further before the track begins to breakdown revealing the bounding bassline and soaring pads in its original guise which perhaps in a different life was a part of Humate’s 90’s trance classic ‘Love Stimulation’. Not a bad thing as the pads are amongst the most emotive of the era and when coupled with the newly produced drums a new beast is born for those special early daybreak dancefloor moments.

Fe_De & GREGO G combine on ‘Half Mod.’ where funk is the name of the game and the slap bassline takes pride of place here. Snappy drum programming and some nicely contrasting yet subtle synth work help to round out the musical message. Fellow Italian Luminér firms up the drums on ‘Microcosmo’ but retains the musical ethos of the label with some slightly detuned and bent synths. It is not until later in the track the full musicality is revealed.

Closing out the EP is Thomas Andrew where ‘Promising Voice’ makes great use of live percussion licks and lush atmospherics that soon give way to a delayed female vocal sample. When the drums come crashing back into view the groove is resumed and finely curated release is able to come to a satisfying conclusion.

You can now get your hands on the release here.

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