Review: Eliptica – Falcon 9 EP (incl. Ramona Yacef remix) [LRDCV3]

Now presenting her third vinyl only release, Ramona Yacef’s Lescale Recordings imprint welcomes Italian trio Eliptica to the table. Having previously provided a remix on Lescale’s last outing they are now in charge of a full EP.

The Howl Records artists kick off ‘Falcon 9’ with ‘Intro’, a suitably atmospheric lead into the EP that indicates a real journey is in the offing. This is quickly followed by title track ‘Falcon 9’, a funk fuelled acid breakbeat trip jam packed with synth washes, delayed percussion and emphatic drops. Label boss Ramona Yacef returns the favour with a remix of her own of ‘Falcon 9’ and while the main elements are faithfully replicated there is a refined power and stature to her version.

Side B continues along this highly-charged ride and the booming breakbeats and scything percussion of ‘Orion’ cuts large swathes through the string laden pads that filter throughout. With the club focused tracks having been knocked out of the park it is time to wind down the release with ‘Outro’, a poignant yet fitting release of energy that marks the end of another top release from a label on a roll and from artists that have plenty more to say in with their music.

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