Trommel.143 – Dandy Jack (live)

Chilean artist Dandy Jack is almost always said in the same breath as Perlon and Ruta5. However, the reality is that his name and influence in the world of electronic music is much bigger than just those two labels. His part in the politically charged renaissance of music in Chile is well documented and he has enjoyed a long and envelope pushing career that began way back in the mid 90’s. Through his various wry monikers and ‘band names’ Martin consistently surprises and amazes.

It is one of these lasting band names that he has performed as for his long-awaited addition to our mix series. Appearing under the banner of Dandy Jack and The Metronome Allstars at the recent Get Perlonized party at Berlin’s Hoppetosse, Martin’s set is as wonky, trippy, yet utterly danceable as you would expect. Backed by Ukrainian violinist Helixy and singers Kiki and Adine Frost this is the perfect situation that were almost as if they were made for each other. An released Dandy Jack live set at Get Perlonized in Berlin. Enough said.

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