Premiere: A2 – The Mole – Set You Free (Amorf interpretation) [MEANDER 023]

Next Meander issue, which will be out on 23 July 2018, is named “Peace Monarchy”, and will be the EP number 23 from the label.

Meander has written an impressive story so far and, even if sometimes is difficult to realize because of time running so fast, it has already turned 10 years, a milestone celebrated in style with a triple vinyl release named “Family Jubilee II” (MEANDER 020) featuring label-head DeWalta and several friends and colleagues that are leading the minimal (and Ro-minimal) scene in these years: Cristi Cons, Ion Ludwig, Vlad Caia, Franky Greiner, Konrad Black and Kamran Sadeghi.

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In between this special edition and the next release, both Cristi Cons and ALCI delivered two separate EP, “Perceptual” and “Forgotten Time”, whose tracks have been heavily played at Sunwaves, confirming Meander tradition of quality release over time.

For this upcoming production, then German imprint opens its door to the Canadian artist The Mole, which delivers a four-tracker EP and signs his label-debut.

On Side A, “Set you Free” stands out with both the original mix (A1) and the re-interpretation from Amorf (A2), the Romanian trio made by Cristi Cons, Vlad Caia and experimental pianist Mischa Blanos. The remix track, which we are here premiering, already resonated in several different soundsystem creating, when dropped, enthusiasm and euphoria on the dancefloors. It brings a sound completely coherent with the label philosophy, where classical music elements and instrumental interludes are used to give a melodic breath and freshness from insisting bass-lines and synthetic sound patterns. The complexity of the production does not certainly make the track redundant but instead, it creates a tight groove filled with background etherial elements, something we already found in DeWalta and Cristi Cons “∞”, and that can be considered one of multiple Amorf’s trademarks and distinctive traits, for sure highly appreciated by the label-head DeWalta, an artist with a strong classical background.

The work behind the track is structured and well organized, with nothing left to the coincidence. This high level of precision can rarely be found, and confirms the label extremely high standards in terms of music. Standards which are reflected also on everything else related, including the artwork. In fact, like all Meander releases, the first copies are made with limited and special hand-made screen printed sleeve. The 180 gr vinyl will also ensure a strong resistency and durability over time.

The original mix, if compared with its remix, is more stripped down, with sharper sound characterized by the presence of hi-hats and interesting loops and vocals. Even though we find the track less complex than Amorf version, the sound is equally on point and still versatile enough to be perfectly used in different context, with the bass to boost the peace of the night.

On side B we can find “Comb Over” by Valerie Temple Boyd, which is the monkier for joint productions of The Mole and Hreno, as well as “Untitled Title X” by The Mole alone. The former, has some dark and acid inspired features, distorted sounds and captivating loops throughout the whole lenght of the track, until some vocals similar to radio frequencies-like sounds breaking in. The latter, is the most wierd track of the EP, said in a positive sense: different from what you can usually expect, gives the EP a nice alternative sound, with the groove based on percussion-style sounds followed by mental and artificial loops that ends up in an interesting drop before taking over at an increased speed: pure energy for the crowd.

Not much left to say for another timeless piece which we expect to sell-out fast.

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