Trommel.192 – The Mole

Canadian artists in underground music have managed to carve out a rather special enclave for themselves. One artist of this nature seems to be somewhat of a counterpoint to many genres that make up our current sonic landscape. That artist is Colin de la Plante aka The Mole. As a result of constant studio and live performance collaboration and a keen ability to unearth the best sounds from the cosmos, he has also produced some of our time’s most noted musical highlights. Colin is a treasured name and no mistake.

To speak at length about Colin’s musical achievements would mean taking weeks off from the world to delve into his archives. While he certainly deserves the plaudits he receives, this is generally not his vibe and instead looks to the future while referencing the past. Being an integral part of eponymous imprint Wagon Repair since almost its inception, band member of the awe inspiring Modern Deep Left Quartet alongside members of Cobblestone Jazz, releases on Philpot, Mutek, Kompakt, Ostgut Ton, Perlon, you get the idea. He is a musical chameleon and is just as colourful a character.

So when we found ourselves lucky enough to be endowed with a mix for our podcast series we waited with baited breath for the direction it would take. In true style, The Mole sends curve balls left, right, and center throughout his masterful recording. From the sublimely delayed fluted lead in, towards more energetic bass fueled moments, it is as if The Mole intends to wrongfoot at every turn, but in the most delicious manner. With the sheer amount of musicality and love for all types of sounds at his fingertips, there are a million facets of de la Plante just bursting to take center stage. 

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