Premiere: A1 – TLGFDN – Sequences [MELCURE007]

Berlin’s elusive Melcure label shape their seventh release in this slick V/A.

Returning to their vinyl imprint after a series of Bandcamp releases in the recent TRAX series, the multi-national crew continue to explore elegant, acid-tinged flavours. Split between Buenos Aires, Chile and Berlin, the shared project between Felipe ValenzuelaDani CasaranoAbscal & Momo Trosman has been a frequent face in the vinyl market for many years.

Regularly showcasing across Berlin’s Hoppetosse and CDV, as well as label showcases in Barcelona and Prague, the dedicated bunch have been refining their craft for many years. Fellow production devotee Tolga Fidan joins the roster under a new alias TLGFDN in the premiered A1 ‘Sequences’.

The prolific producer has also been a consistent staple in the european underground. Whilst maintaining a relatively low and humble profile, Tolga Fidan has been pumping out records since 2006, with over 30 releases to his name.

Adding the French-Turkish artist to Melcure’s roster feels like the perfect fit. Echoing the label’s modest, music first ethos, whilst aligning with the collective’s intriuging, machine-made strains, Fidan’s music slots right in.

Punchy drums host a simplistic beat ‘Sequences’, cutting through the mix with a warm firmness often associated with analogue production methods. Squelchy 303 patterns soon dart into the mix, fizzing between a spiralling bassline and ravey chord stabs lifting the energy.

It’s the kind of frothing, no-frills acid house music that would get just about any dance floor moving. Although, despite the simple arrangements and limited elements, sounds hold an eloquent and elusive charm. Often crossing subtle sounds over one another and blending atmospheres creates a pleasing depth to the track.

Label curator Felipe Valenzuela provides a more stripped back affair. Craft hi-hat patterns dance with tension and release over a serpent like acid melody. Sounds slip from the mix with a psychedlic tinge, all pinned by a driving rhythm packed with groove.

AHORA & MATO head down after hours avenue in their pensive contribution ‘Tension In My Kettle’. Slippery rhythms navigate an expressive trip littered with dreamy pads and peculiar chords.

Swiss born and Chile raised Dani Casarano brings a unique, buoyant vibe to the records closer. Sneaky acid lines sing in unison with a subtle sub bass begging to be heard in the club.

Get a taste for the label’s identity in our full review of their third release from Le Loup.

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