Review: Le Loup – Astro City EP (MELCURE 003)

After releases from Dani Casarano, Felipe Valenzuela and Pohl, Melcure are back with their third release, courtesy of French producer Le Loup with his Astro City EP.

On the A side we have the acid number ‘La Boule’. A catchy and driving bassline is well complemented by acid pads and snappy snares that are bound to kick the night up a gear or two.

B1 contains ‘Astro’ which provides the highlight of the EP with it’s smooth grooves. The track contains bouncy synths and funky keys which give it an old school house feel. You can imagine the likes of Francesco Del Garda making dancefloors bounce with this one.

‘Take A Wild’ on the flip side offers a far more introspective track. The bassline pushes the track forward whilst being complemented by an eery synth and distant vocals that make it a versatile and unique dancefloor track.

Overall Astro City provides a wide range of eclectic dancefloor tracks with a lot of potential for DJs. The EP is widely available at your chosen record store.

Trommel and Melcure are also teaming up for the first time ever as media partners for Melcure’s event at OFF week Sonar. The line-up is as listed below. See you there!


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