Premiere: A1 – Felipe Valenzuela – Program 1, 2, 3 [MELCURE11]

Felipe Valenzuela, one of the key figures and creators of the hybrid label Melcure, presents its eleventh release – “A Year Of Fury”, the title he chose for the EP as marking a special period in his life where he delved into sound exploration and experimentation. The EP is a final selection of tracks that he considers the most representative of him and Melcure, designed after recording countless audio materials while evolving his signature sound.

Our main focus today is the release’s first track, A1 – “Program 1, 2, 3”. The 7-minute banger starts with simple yet effective breaks that won’t be much later accompanied by robot-like and human-like vocals that complement each other, while the energy continues to build as the track continues. Halfway through, mystical and funky synths take over alongside clinky bells and playful kicks, marking the track’s peak moment. Getting closer to the end, the vocals make their final comeback over an energetic bass background. The beats slow down as the track ends, ensuring a smooth and crisp ending.

Moving on to side A2, “Keep Down”, and we find ourselves on a different path, a journey of rhythmic melodies underpinned by spatial synths and intermittent female vocals, a blend that keeps your feet down the dancefloor as long as it lasts, as even the title itself suggests.

Flipping over to B1 and “Solo Test” provides a gelid minimal touch, with electrifying snares and wavy synths, accompanied by emerging puzzling vocals.

Felipe’s final selection of the EP – “Loeun” on side B2, brings to the party an industrial sound that merges with acid sequences and playful kicks.

All in all, having all these dancefloor bangers playing one after another could make for a great party starter that would keep any crowd active and energised.

Valenzuela’s “A Year Of Fury” EP can be pre-ordered by subscribing to the waiting list here.

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