Premiere: A1 – Erell Ranson – A New Home For All Of Us [MELCURE008]

Erell Ranson steps up for the eight release of Berlin’s Melcure label.

The prolific project is split between Buenos Aires, Chile and Berlin, influenced by the passionate minds of Felipe ValenzuelaDani CasaranoAbscal & Momo Trosman who have been frequent faces on the post-minimal, Hoppetosse tastemaking scene. Whether it’s through their digital TRAX series, or the patiently curated vinyl series, releases are always full of character.

Pushing the boundaries of experimentation within house-meets-minimal spheres, their intriguing aesthetic blends sleazy acid and elegant atmospheres into sharp and moreish beats.

Erell Ranson slots in perfectly to the project. The French veteran has been releasing music since 2006 through his own projects Chroma Electronic Collective and MySelf Recordings, as well as more contemporary contributions to the likes of Domenico Rosa’s Propersounds, and now Melcure.

A1 ‘A New Home For All Of Us’ is a lush tapestry of acid washes sounds. From the stunningly epic pads and flute sections to the rounded bassline and the cosmic synths this track has timelss stamped all over it. The track in full flight is something else but just as magic as when it is stripped down and built back up again. A2 ‘Mmore Than Three’ maintains the mysteriousness of A1 but the energy levels have been ramped up somewhat. Tuned toms and waning synths combine to create a somewhat updated acid house direction.

B2 ‘Pregnancy Vibes’ doubles down on the mysterioso and the result is a super cool groove that floats in and out of the mix at will. Prominent kicks form the front part of the track alongside a walking bassline that leaves nowhere to go other than the dancefloor. Completing this fine release is ‘Easter Broken Chocolate’ and the wigged-out synth workout. As wild as the synths get they are tempered nicely by the arpeggiated percussive elements. A stunning release from start to finish that doesn’t aim to fit in to the minimal mould but will likely be a standout moment when mixed in with all manner of minimal leaning sounds.

MELCURE008 will be available soon at subwax.

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