Premiere: 2 – Dani Casarano – Hexoval [TRAXVOL003]


Dani Casarano shapes the third release of Melcure’s new digital TRAX project.

The collaborative label is a shared project between Felipe Valenzuela, Dani Casarano, Abscal & Momo Trosman, blending the sounds of Buenos Aires, Chile and Berlin. Much of the label’s vinyl output thus far has centred around sultry, acid-tinged house music, finely suited to the glitchy, after-hour realms.

Dani Casarano is no stranger to the studio, with an extensive catalogue dating back to 2004, alongside a frequent tour schedule regularly spinning across the Hoppetosse and CDV circuit. You can hear Dani playing back to back with label partner Felipe Valenzuela in one of our earliest podcasts, back in 2017’s Trommel 015.

‘Hexoval’ nails this pensive shade of tooly house in the featured premiere. Crafty beats shimmer over a punchy low-end forming a throne for the mean 303 sounds arriving to steal the show. Ghostly chords wash over the mix, bringing a sense of order to the twitchy, heavily swung rhythms setting the pace.

Elements fall gracefully from the mix, alluding to an elaborate breakdown leaving only a set of ethereal pads bathing in eerie textures, destined to create many surreal moments on the dance floor.

The sharp 303 patterns that eventually conclude the breakdown bring a welcome sense of urgency to the track, balancing the emotion with a club-hungry punch.

This strain of sultry club music crosses over into a pool of innovative labels pushing this glitch-driven sound, with the likes of Eklo, LowMoneyMusicLove and Alex Picone’s Seekers projects regularly showcasing across Hoppetosse and CDV.

Sounds carry a heavily abstract and bleepy vibe, with an obvious nod to analogue and the hardware world. Although, moods manage to tap into serene, soulful atmospheres, bringing the machines to life.

‘Hexofunk’ and ‘Hexoval’ remain on a similar geometry inspired vibe, weaving wobbly basslines between complex beats each leaning towards a sensual, teasing energy bound to move the club.

Listen back to Melcure’s third release from Le Loup in our full review of ‘Astro City’.

Buy the EP at the label’s Bandcamp.

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