Premiere: A1 – Wildo – Weird Genetic [MELCURE009]

Berlin-based label Melcure introduces continues its journey with its 9th signature, after numerous releases from some of Trommel’s favourites. For this new record, they welcome Paraguayan producer Wildo to join the house.

After several years playing records for his crowd in South America, Wildo recently came out of the shadow in terms of production with a first banger EP in 2020 on Tresydos Records. He is now back with four fresh tracks, that would hit the heart of the dancefloor instantly.

‘Life on Earth’ EP opens up with ‘Weird Genetic’, a minimal track that definitely stands out for its fresh groove combined with a kind of dark and mysterious atmosphere. Its pounding kick makes way to obscure vocals, and the mix eventually leads to a perfect climax of epic proportions.

The A2 ‘Save The Planet’ lies between deep sounds and subtle funk basses. The whole EP is a complete journey, ending up on ‘Sunrise Scene’, that sounds like the consecration of the work. It has a melodic and melancholic vibe on a one hand, and a pounding and driving beat on another and, that you’d totally see yourself dancing on it in front of a sunrise, in the middle of a summer festival.

‘Life on Earth’ EP indubitably lives up to the Melcure aesthetic, a label found by pioneers Dani Casarano and Felipe Valenzuela. And it is moreover distributed by Barcelona-based imprint Subwax!

MELCURE009 is available to pre-order from Subwax.

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