Unique celebrate 2 years of parties with Cap, Macarie and Baltazar

It would seem that Zurich is THE place to in Europe to catch the best in high-grade minimal music and Supermarket is the epicenter of this tidal wave of forward-thinking reductionism. Since August 2017, Unique has made it their mission statement to deliver the finest in emerging talent from the net wave of Romanian artists that have moved the genre into uncharted territory.

Unique has always had their finger on the pulse and in order to bring something truly “unique” to Switzerland they have booked the likes of Cezar, Cosmjn, Mihigh, G76, Dubtil and Mihai Pol to name but a few of the guests that have been added to the Unique journey all those months ago.

With their 2nd birthday looming high on the horizon of 2019 they look set to welcome a trio of artists that have been the staple of events such as Mioritmic, Sunwaves and Waha Festival. The fact that all these genres defining events are all home-grown speaks volumes about the Romanian scene and of course the artists that populate them.

First is Cap, an artist that is currently leading the charge of the new wave of Romanian minimal artists and is regularly called upon to bring Sunrise as well as countless other top events to a climactic end. Joining Cap will be Macarie and Baltazar, another 2 artists that are also in high demand and on the rise around the world not just Romania’s burgeoning scene. Magic really does exist and those in attendance at Unique’s 2nd birthday event will attest to this.

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