Barcelona’s MedioCrew return with more rising minimal and micro stars

Amid the summer of 2022’s heat, two close friends who share the same devotion and love for music co-founded MedioCrew. Playfully named after the Latin mediocris – “in a middle state”, “moderate”, “ordinary” – MedioCrew was created to diversify and consolidate the minimal and micro house scene of Barcelona, but that’s not all.

Their goals are to invite international artists in premiere to showcase their work with extended DJ sets, to give back to the music community they are passionate about, and promote emerging local artists by giving them the platform to express themselves openly and freely.

So far, MedioCrew’s events have been legendary. Their inauguration party, led by the famed Piticu, was a riot, and their second event premiered the talented Italian DJ and producer, Distilled Noise, who delivered a stunning performance.

In the coming months, MedioCrew is hosting even more parties that should not be missed. They are thrilled to announce that the prodigious Romanian DJ, producer and label owner, Macarie, will be with them on the 11th of November, and they will be ending the year on the 2nd of December, joined by London’s top boy, Dafs.

With 2023 on the horizon, keep an eye out for MedioCrew’s events, where they have promised to showcase exciting and prominent artists with trippy and groovy beats guaranteed!

So, get ready to dive into a dreamy state and dance the nights away!

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