Premiere: B1 – Macarie – Out Of Streets [VRM002]

Having already launched Verum with a sterling opening release from Romanian artist Triptil, the vinyl only imprint returns this time with fellow countryman Macarie. Not requiring the aide of any other artists, Macarie goes it alone with the break fueled three track “Out Of Street” EP.

Our pick of the EP is not for the fainthearted as B1 bomb and EP lead track “Out Of Streets” has one of the baddest sub basslines we have heard in a very long time. The offbeat break beats are also killer and atmospheric pads and rattling percs allow this track to be perfectly filed under “face melting dancefloor dynamite”.

Side A is just as bass heavy but ventures down a straighter breaks route. A1 “Panzer” shells just as hard as the infamous German tank but with a few flecks of sunlight penetrating the murky depths of the plummeting bass tones. The vocoded vocal and hopeful synth line balances out the churning sub bass perfectly.

Rounding out this very fine second release is “BO8” and this is a more minimal approach than previous parts of the EP but is just as nasty as the rest of the tracks. Bleepy synths combine with ethereal pads and snappy drums to produce the third banger of the release. If Verum keeps up this quality of output they will most definitely be a buy on sight label if not already.

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