Thomas Melchior teases his upcoming LP with the two track ‘Closer’ EP on Perlon

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Thomas Melchior’s upcoming album may have been delayed somewhat but he has not forgotten about his fans. It may have come as a blow but we are certain that the two track ‘Closer’ EP will more than tide over Perlon fans until the main event kicks off later in the year.

The EP is a floating meander through day time vibes and with each track taking a side each we gamble that there is a masterclass in super deep minimal house awaiting. B1 ‘Endless Skies’ is a low-slung affair that features serious sub bass action and distant rattling percussion. The sublime airy vocals that dance in and out of view conjure up hazy extended live sessions form Melchior out on the deck of Club der Visionaere. A1 ‘Closer (California Dreaming Mix)’ is a bit more upbeat and is a more deep house jam than the dubbier side of minimal on B1.

However, like all great music there is a story behind the track and who better to tell it than the man himself, “the story goes, I was gonna play a DJ set at closer in 2019 and arrived a day early in Kiev and went out to a few bars with a friend when I bumped into Jaw (of DOP) and his girlfriend Alina Pash. We got drunk and at one point I told Jaw that I had my live gear with me as well cause I was gonna play a live set at Get Perlonized at ADE following my gig at Closer. So why not play live instead of DJ and get Jaw to sing and mc along.

Thomas continues to explain the EP backstory, “He was immediately up for it and suggested that Alina (who is a bit of a popstar in Ukraine) to also join us. Next day we practiced a bit at their house and performed that night at closer. A few weeks later Jaw and Alina came to berlin and we recorded the vocals for two tracks. ‘Closer’ which is the outcome of a duet with Jaw and Alina has two versions of which the dub (California Dreaming) is on the perl 129 and the full vocal version will be on the album 12”. Both mixes I recorded with Zip at his studio this summer where he also coproduced.

If that doesn’t whet your appetite for the upcoming Melchior Productions Ltd album we don’t know what will. PERLON129 from Melchior Productions Ltd is now available to pre-order from

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