Trommel.096 – Melchior Productions Ltd. (live)

Readers of these pages and indeed any lover of electronic music will need little to no introduction to Thomas Melchior (aka Melchior Productions Ltd). From his collaborative work as Soul Capsule with Peter Adshead, ToFu Productions with Fumiya Tanaka, to his own seminal solo work for the likes of Perlon, Cadenza, Playhouse, and his own My King Is Light imprint Melchior is a treasure to the worldwide community.

Moreover, his work alongside longdated friend Bruno Pronsato will again bear fruit on an upcoming release on FOOM, and two already scheduled for My King Is Light

So, it is with great excitement that we welcome Mr. Thomas Melchior to our podcast series where he delivers his first-ever live podcast (excluding his live-stream performance for Club Der Visionaere) for your listening pleasure. Take it away Melchior Productions Ltd.

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