Premiere: B1 – Tagir – Movement (Melchior Productions Ltd Remix) [ANVA003]

With ANVA Records continuing to be a vehicle for label head Tagir’s own productions for the third edition there is something very special in store. Straddling an atmospheric path between deep techno and micro house, two original works from Tagir are backed up by an stunningly extended remix by none other than Melchior Productions Ltd.

Full focus on this occasion belongs to Thomas Melchior and his Melchior Productions Ltd. reworking of “Movement”. As with all his work, his version is a deep dive into the inner workings of the track and his characteristic techniques unfurl expertly over the extended 13 plus minutes run time. Where the original version from Tagir keeps proceedings stripped back and concentrated on several finely balanced elements Melchior takes these parts and beds them deep into the soundscape and then builds nuanced sections that enhance the original ethos. 

The remaining track is the first original to be found on the release and “Virgini” is just as mysterious as the next as it effortlessly weights the finally balanced percussion against deeply thudding kicks. Trill synths build tension throughout the track as if waiting for a signal and it comes without fanfare, but with a subtle drop back into the gripping groove that had led the track to this point.

You can grab ANVA003 from blackroundtwelve now.

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