Melchior Productions Ltd. has confirmed he has an album in the works for Perlon

At last, there is some good news to shout about in 2021 and that is that Thomas Melchior is currently working on a long-player. That in itself is good news but the fact that his Melchior Productions Ltd. moniker will be producing the album for none other than Perlon is the best possible way to start the year in our books.

The German taste-making imprint chose to limit the number of releases it had last year but the quality of the artists involved was beyond reproach. First came the collaboration between Edward and Ricardo Villalobos as Disordered Rhythm Metronomy then long-time cohort Chris Korda unveiled her boundary-breaking album ‘Apologize To The Future’.

Having not appeared on Perlon since he linked up with Fumiya Tanaka on the 2019 ‘Soa’ EP and in solo mode since his seminal ‘Meditations’ series fans will be awaiting his next long-player with bated breath. For an artist that is capable of wearing so many different hats and disguises by the time release day comes around Thomas Melchior will have the Perlon fan base salivating.

For a taste of what is to come and perhaps a sneak peek at possible album tracks, you can listen again to his live podcast for us from back in July 2020.

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