Paradigm Festival announce dates for their 2021 event

Since we brought you the news of Groningen’s Planet Paradigm and their 2020 edition a lot has happened. Literally a month after our news, the dominos began to fall in clubland and, event after event, it was temporarily shelved. Twelve months from our original announcement we are delighted to again be discussing Paradigm and the prospect of what their 360 events bring.

Paradigm have just posted initial details on Paradigm Festival and at present, there is no other information other than the tentative date of 13-15th August 2021. For those of you that have heard of this secluded haven or even lucky enough to have been, you will know that hidden away in their wooded area is some of the finest indoor and outdoor clubbing spaces we have ever seen. Sadly the 2020 edition did not go ahead but 2019 certainly did and they featured artists such as Onur Ozer, Margaret Dygas, The Ghost and Francesco Del Garda and that was just for starters.

As well as this more wide-ranging weekender, the Groningen hotspot also plays host to a number of one-day events such as the before mentioned Planet Paradigm. Last year they had an unreal selection of artists that would have meant sets from Zip, SIT, DJ Masda as well as VBX hotshots Reiss and Ferro. The great news is that the 2021 line-up will remain exactly the same and the date that this magical event will take place is Saturday, May 22nd. All that remains now is a waiting game to see if we can weather the current pandemic storm and hopefully, our prayers will be answered.

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