Paradigm Festival: music lovers paradise

    Self sufficient, immersed in nature and soundtracked by the likes of Raresh, Vera & Edward, Paradigm is a sensory utopia.

    Born in an industrial site in the north of the Netherlands, Paradigm spawned following great success of a small, spontaneous festival which led to weekly club nights held at the industrial location.

    Connections to spirituality and environmentalism are at the heart of the festival. Working towards the ultimate goal of self sufficiency, Paradigm work with nature, recycling and reusing wherever possible, limiting any impact on the environment.

    This year sees the festival’s third year at a new location, after visioning wider scope for self sufficiency. As well as constructing stages and sculptures from recycled materials, Paradigm is working with architects to flush toilets with rainwater and generate electricity from visitor’s excreta.

    An open mind to all things from music to design has been a contributor to Paradigm’s success. The carefully considered music policy ranges from ambient to psy-techno. Over eight years of the festival, Paradigm have welcomed some of electronic music’s biggest artists in the likes of Richie Hawtin and Mano Le Tough as well as more niche names such as Slow Life’s S.Moreira and Seekers boss Alex Picone.

    A collaborative and open approach to the programming compliments these refined details of the festival. Inviting artists and labels to host stages over the weekend broadens the horizon of the policy. Trusting artists involved in a particular scene with the bookings brings tailored tastes, providing an insight into different circles of electronic music. Regular partnerships with the Amsterdam VBX collective has brought the likes of Sonja Moonear and Raresh to the site; artists who may not commonly associate with such large scale events without the connection through smaller collectives.

    Paradigm uses its platform to showcase talent. Building a reputation for its unique, immersive experience has enabled the brand to experiment with bookings. Through the likes of design and location, a varied programme of yoga and workshops as well as chill out rooms to relax, Paradigm creates an inviting environment totally detached from reality. Advertising via social media, the festival regularly request for submissions of art and performance sketches, inviting undiscovered talent to showcase at the festival.

    This year hosts an array of artists, including a Giegling takeover with Edward, Leafar Legov and Kettenkarussell as well as featured artists Ion Ludwig, Vera, Speedy J and more.

    The rich variety of artists on offer creates a rare opportunity for people to discover new areas of electronic music, experiencing something they may never choose to attend outside of a festival environment.

    Free to roam around the festival’s six stages littered with musical diversity, Paradigm is a music lovers paradise.

    Paradigm Festival

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