Trommel.191 – Alex Picone

Few artists command the legacy that Italian artist Alex Picone has at his disposal. Having long since relocated to Barcelona, Alex is perhaps one of the busiest men in the business. Between running Small Black Dots, both record store and distribution arm, he also runs the interconnected seekers label and series of parties, and then there is also the artist. Alex is a regular face on the touring circuit and should be sought out whenever his name appears on a lineup near you. His sheer experience in the game is worthy alone of the many plaudits he receives, but it is his tenacity and willingness to keep striving for pure sonic advancement.

Bucking the trend to play what is brand new, or what is deemed to sound brand new is a skill that Alex Picone has harnessed throughout his career. It is this future retro quality to his music that has remained in his productions and DJ sets. This sweet spot between house, techno, more broken beat genres and of course with lashings of acid is exactly where we find Alex in his excellent mix for our podcast series. Without too much fanfare Alex steps right into the groove as if he had been recording for hours and rolls out an hour long lesson that steps through the ages as well as increasingly up in BPM’s.

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